The gate to hell. Víti crater and surroundings is a must see in Iceland. You can even take a dip in the warm water (the black dots seen in the water are actually groups of people). PIC Zanthia

F or the truly wonderful things in this world you always have to go the extra mile. Located deep in the highland of northeastern Iceland in a pretty barren, but stunning surroundings, is the Askja lake and next to it the gate to hell. Literally!

Víti, literally meaning hell in Icelandic, is a geothermal volcanic crater but its rather small size does not diminish the magnificent impression it makes on locals and tourists alike. The bright blue and opaque water is guaranteed to blow your mind and the fact that it is tiny bit difficult to visit here means the area is seldom crowded with people as is the case in most other wonderful places in the country these days.

Even after the volcanic landscape of Dyngjufjöll, Dyngja Mountain, surrounding Askja and Víti has blown your mind there is more to come. You can actually take a dip into the Víti crater since its water is warm. This experience is totally unique but beware that there are strong and dangerous sulfuric vapors here and those can be dangerous if you stay too long.

Oh, and what do we mean by romantic? Try being out here when the midnight sun is shining its brightest in June. Then you´ll know.

» Dyngjufjöll is the place where NASA sent and trained its astronauts in preperation for the famous manned moonlanding in 1969.

» Access only possible during high summer from June, July until late August. Sightseeing flights are available from Mývatn area. Ditto with tour buses from Akureyri and Mývatn. Driving here is possible in a sturdy 4×4 vehicle but conditions are tricky. Tarmacked road from highway 1 on Mývatnsöræfum. Getting here, enjoying and back again will take the whole day.

» This is one of the most fascinating places in both Iceland and the world. Driving here will also take you through truly breathtaking scenery. If you are up for adventure bring a tent and make this trip last a couple of days.