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In Iceland, a preview of your life in a care home

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Life before death. Now you can rent a room in government run care homes in Iceland

Life before death. Now you can rent a room in government run care homes in Iceland

Now you can get a preview of how life will be like when you´re 89, sick as hell and nobody gives a damn. Just such a service will soon be available in Iceland.

Turns out a number of managers for government-run care homes for the elderly and sick are getting desperate. No one is getting the required capital to run their care homes and desperation has set in. After all, the government is hell-bent on growing inequality in the country giving fat discounts and tax rebates to the rich while mostly ignoring the local populace at large.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]You will surely get to meet new people[/blockquote]

Which is why you can soon rent a room in an old folks home. Don´t laugh yet. Demand for accommodation in the country is so high you just might end up in one of those rooms if you go for it. Most hotels are already fully booked for the year and even Airbnb can´t help much over high season.

Then again, this might be a blessing in disguise. You will surely get to meet new people even if they speak very slowly and don´t know any English. You get to meet the employees, most of whom are foreigners that do not speak any English. Best of all, you get to experience a little but what´s in store for you when the time comes if you don´t treat you kids with kindness and respect.

All in all, a win-win situation.

If you do not want to try this unique experience you may try our hotel booking site below. But be quick. Rooms are going like Iceland is the last habitable place on earth.