WTF is an „Iceland quickie“

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The road is long. Might as well have some fun. Pic mezzoblue

The road is long. Might as well have some fun. Pic mezzoblue

Let´s face it. Taxi drivers on the whole seldom fit into the fun category of things. Understandably so. After all, this is a job that requires little effort and not even a personality it seems in many cases.

Being pretty well traveled, team Total Iceland has often been disgusted by our first introduction to a city or a country. Because most often a taxi driver is your very first touchdown with the country and its people. What do they do? It is well documented. Many scam travelers. Many fix the meter, a number takes a fat detour on the way and once in awhile they have no idea where they are going. This apart from the fact that few taxi drivers make an effort to make you feel welcome. Few throw in any fun facts or tips on the way and many do not give a hoot about you.

If you agree with us on this you might be interested in a service we are offering from May to August. One of our team of four will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your hotel or vice versa if you like. In a leisurely manner. You are, after all, on vacation and we are not a taxi company blowing you right away for the next customer.

So, how the hell is this any different from a basic cab?

[list style=”arrow” color=”blue-lite”]
  • We promise lively drivers
  • We promise much lower prices than regular taxis
  • We promise 100% great advice on the 45 minute trip
  • We promise to show you sights en-route
  • We promise to make you feel welcome to Iceland
  • We promise to drive safe and not be in any hurry
  • We promise good recommendations influenced by no one
  • We promise recommendations of things you never knew about[/list]

Anything here you do not like? Did we forget to mention the price? 4.990 ISK per person (min 2 pax). The average price for a taxi one way is from 16.000 ISK to 20.000 ISK. No contest.

Get in touch. All major credit cards accepted.

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