The most stupid marketing campaign for centuries is about to end.

The most stupid marketing campaign for centuries is about to end.

Picture this shit! A group of marketing geniuses get together to think of the next fabulous marketing campaign for Iceland and all they come up with is a competition for a new name for the very country they are  promoting!!!

One would think tourism officials called upon the marketing team responsible for the New Coke back in last century which is by many considered the absolute worst idea in the history of stuff. The idea here is: Hey, let´s theoretically change this unique name of a unique country which has unique history and make it more pop and mainstream.

If the best way to promote a country is to have people compete about changing its name, like it´s a bad product, then the two suggestions  now on top are downright horrible. Would anyone visit “Isle of Awe land” or “Let´s get Lost land?”  Team Total Iceland thinks plain ole´ ICELAND trumps these hundred per cent.

And let us not forget this is part of the campaign Inspired by Iceland? Will the winning suggestion mean this campaign should change the name too? How does Inspired by Let´s get Lost land sound to you? Yeah, we thought so too!

We think the people getting loads of cash for this kind of bullshit should be expelled from the country. It also begs the question why promote a country that CANNOT take much more tourists without completely destroy all that is worth seeing here?