Picture taken over the town on Heimaey, the biggest of the Westman Islands. PIC Randomskk

Picture taken over the town on Heimaey, the biggest of the Westman Islands. PIC Randomskk

T hose interesting in geology and especially the volcanic nature of the land called Iceland cannot in good conscience visit and not go see the Westman Islands. These are, after all, ground zero of men against nature in Iceland. But visiting now presents some problems since there is no accommodation available months in advance.

There are only two ways to get to Westman Islands. Fly from Reykjavik airport or take the ferry from Landeyjahofn harbor. In either case it takes a little bit of a hassle to make the journey which is absolutely worth it.

However, due to the amount of time to get there and back and also the amount of time needed to take in what needs to be seen in the islands anything less than 24 hours means rushing things and relaxation goes out the window.

Now, relaxation is the key to enjoying travel and there is really no reason to travel if your heart is pumping all the time like you´ve just finished to London marathon.

Thus you would need a place to stay in Westman Islands. And therein lies the problem. This small place does not have rooms available for loads of tourists. Most rooms in hotels and guesthouses on the main island of Heimaey were booked to the hilt last February and by now you´ll be lucky to find one room available over the coming summer.

Pretty much the only other option you have is to camp and the campsite at Heimaey is indeed great under the cliffs of Herjolfsdalur. But that may not suit everyone. Else you´ll just have to make a short stop and miss out on much of what makes these islands remarkable.

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