Banned but now allowed. Whale beer is in stores

Banned but now allowed. Whale beer is in stores

In Iceland right now? Then you can, should you be gripped with fever, head on over to the nearest wine monopoly and buy and taste the infamous Icelandic whale beer.

This is quite a u-turn since the selling of this new type of beer was banned recently by local health authorities as the whale ingredients in the ale were not approved for human consumption.

One would think health authorities the world over pretty much know what they are doing and do not haphazardly forbid something on fuzzy grounds. But Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, the minister in charge of the matter, has promptly allowed the sale after the brewer contested the ban.

Which is odd considering possible complications for drinkers. The brewer gets to dish out his product while further tests are made to determine the effects of the ingredients in question. Such tests in Iceland tend to take months and even years. One would think it better to err on the safe side but then again, the minister in question will never win any IQ-contests

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