In Iceland the strange marriage of a muffin bakery and a nightclub

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Small crowd of people outside the muffin place turned nightclub in the center of Reykjavik Iceland. PIC WhatsAllThisThen

You will be forgiven for being mightily surprised to find a long line of scantily clad people after midnight outside the very same muffin bakery you just visited earlier in the day and had yourself a mouthful or two.

How weird are those locals you might think!

But there is actually a reason for the line of people outside the muffin shop in the middle of the night. No, it is not an old viking muffin custom and no, we are not dying for muffins after a heavy night out either.

The line of people is actually waiting to visit the nightclub Austur, East, which is by and large the only nightclub in Reykjavik city.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]No, it is not an old viking muffin custom[/blockquote]

You see, it is mighty hard to run bars or clubs in this country where alcohol is usually so expensive most people don´t dare venture downtown until well after midnight. Indeed, you might find yourself having fun at a party in someone´s home even as late as 02 or 03  at night when suddenly people decide to go to bars.

The owner of Austur nightclub thus decided to cut his losses since his place is more or less only open on weekends and opened a muffin bakery in a part of the club.

It works but the sexy moves on the dance-floor seem almost ridiculous the day after over muffin and coffee.

Austur is frequented by the very young and self-claimed very important people of Iceland. This changes late into the night when most locals get too drunk to remember to be obnoxious.

On a global nightclub scale this place doesn´t rate high at all but when there are no other nightclubs it tends to get popular. The muffins however are just fine.