Light and shadows at Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon. This stunning show makes a unique place even more unique. Not to be missed if in Iceland in August. PIC Vatnajokulsþjóðgarður

Natural spots in Iceland usually do not need any makeover or added spice from humans to dazzle spectators to the bone. But if there ever was one little ingredient that would make the fantastic glacial lagoon of Jokulsarlon even more stunning, it could well be fireworks.

Some enterprising individuals took it upon themselves a few years back, before vast numbers of tourist were the norm, to hold a small fireworks show right on the shore of this unique lagoon. The event was supposed to be a one-off and mostly done for friends and family for fun.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Exact dates for the event are different each year[/blockquote]

Except it was a stunning success. Fireworks usually create a fancy show but doubly so here because of the reflecting water and ice in the lagoon. The pitch black night and the glacier filled lagoon are perfect backdrops for fancy fireworks where every iceberg on the lake suddenly comes alive through light and shadows. Onlookers were amazed.

Which is why the event still takes place every year late in August. The reason for that date simply because that is when some darkness starts creeping up on Iceland again after summer. Else their effects would just disappear into the bright heaven.

Again, like so many things in Iceland, words are powerless to explain what this does. Let is suffice to say the spectacle will leave you feeling glad about life.

Should you be related to Mr. Scrooge the show can be seen for free from far away but if you have any decency you will gladly pay the small fee associated with the show, all of which goes solely to support the local search and rescue teams in the area.

Exact dates for the event are different each year but between 20th and 26th of August would be a good guess. As always we will keep you posted if you follow us on social media.

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