Failure after failure cannot be blamed on error or mistakes. PIC Mylilrotten

Driving in deep winter in Iceland without proper snow tires is not at all recommended. PIC Mylilrotten

We hate getting it wrong. If we get it wrong our readers get it wrong too and that can lead to not-as-fantastic-Iceland-trip as we would like you to have.

You see, there is this car rental agency here called Sad Cars. We recommended them before simply because car rental is very expensive here in Iceland and those guys offer older but pretty solid vehicles for lower prices. Not fantastic savings but at least much more affordable for everyone not a Wall Street banker visiting Iceland.

But renting a foreign couple a small Toyota Yaris to go driving the Ring Road in Iceland in mid-winter without as much as decent winter tires borders on insanity. Insanity because roads here are thick with ice and snow and the weather can turn in a heartbeat. And most foreigners do not know how to handle winter-driving here anyway.

That´s exactly what happened and a couple trying to cross a rather dangerous mountain pass stopped and turned around before anything really serious happened.

Very sorry folks. Mistake or not, this is way too serious to keep recommending that agency. Turn elsewhere and make damn sure you get a car enough for winter driving in this country and always, always on winter tires and preferably studded winter tires.