Gullfoss waterfall is always impressive but the tiny frozen path beside it much less so. PIC Gunnsi

Gullfoss waterfall is always impressive but the tiny frozen path beside it much less so. PIC Gunnsi

We at team Total Iceland are probably fighting a losing battle trying to change your mind about visiting this beautiful land in wintertime. We are but a lowly blog interested in people getting the very best they deserve against massive financial interests of everyone else hoping to fill their coffers year round.

Call us stubborn and stupid but we will not give up and once in awhile we get help from the most unlikeliest of sources; the local media.

Over this last month or so we have piled together bits and pieces from the news to better give you an idea what you are up against in Iceland in deep winter. Never-mind the fun of attending New Years Eve here or seeing glimpses of the Northern lights. You are still missing out on what makes Iceland great and taking quite a risk doing so too.

For example, the most famous tourist route here is the Golden Circle from Reykjavik to Thingvellir to Geysir to Gullfoss and back. On this famous route for the last month or so a total of seven crowded tour buses have been in accidents and driven or skidded off the road due to icing. A number of tourists in rental cars have done the same and a few been caught out in a snowstorm and had to wait for rescue. This on the most famous tourist route in the country!

Around Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall it can be quite dangerous to walk about since all the paths are frozen solid and nothing but blocks of ice. A bad fall here will certainly end your enjoyment in Iceland in a blink of an eye. Not to mention the lunacy of walking a hilly and icy path next to the massive waterfall of Gullfoss. A horrible misstep or fall here will not only mean the end of your vacation but the end of your life.

Did we mention the cold? How will you enjoy Iceland´s finest natural pearls all shivering and turning blue from freezing? Add some serious snow and you will hardly see a thing either even up close. No wonder you never see locals taking in these sights in deep winter. Worst days even the Golden Circle roads will close down temporarily.

Most importantly you´ll go home again never having seen the true beauty of this youngest landmass/country in the world. We guarantee not one natural sight in Iceland is nicer or more beautiful in winter than in summer. Not one…. except the Northern lights of course.

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