The famous stone under which the horrible ghost of the priest´s apprentice is buried. PIC martinz

The famous stone under which the horrible ghost of the priest´s apprentice is buried. PIC martinz

I t goes without saying that a nation the believes in elves, trolls and all kinds of invincible fairy people must also have its share of scary horror stories. One of the most famous such tale is about a kind and loving priest terrorizing his love after death.

This tale, Djakninn of Myrka in the local language, is a tale told throughout the ages and very well known among the population. It took place in Horgardalur, not far from the town of Akureyri in a splendid valley well worth a short visit as it is a short distance from the Ring Road..
Roughly put the story details a stormy night before Christmas long time ago when a priest´s apprentice rode quite a distance to meet the woman he was in love with. On the way in rough weather he drowns while crossing a raging river and only his horse survives.

His love, knowing not of his demise, gets a visit the next evening. In the darkness she believes this to be the priest´s apprentice and goes with him on his horse. Not until his big large hat blows off does she realize she is actually riding with a skeleton.

To cut a long story short she gets no peace from this ghost who wants her to join him in death and has to get help from a sorcerer. The sorcerer finally achieves putting the ghost to rest but only in unholy ground right outside the graveyard at the country church at Myrka.

The cursed stone is still holding the lovesick priest´s apprentice captive to this day and the stone is still very visible. We recommend a look since the church is typical old country church and the valley is wonderful in summer. Just don´t roll over the cursed stone.

From the Ring Road about 10 minutes away from Akureyri you find road number 82. Take this road for a minute until you find road marked 715. Follow this road until you come to the Myrka sign and you´ll see the church. This is private property but do not worry. All are allowed to take a look.