It is impossible to get lost in Reykjavik Iceland even if you try. Guidebook on the city is a waste of money. PIC katie/king

A stranger walking through downtown Reykjavik these last few years would have been astounded by the sheer number of people reading whilst strolling. Less so after discovering those were not the works of Shakespeare or Stieg Larsson but guidebooks on Iceland and Reykjavik in particular.

Team Total Iceland has said and we are not afraid to repeat ourselves: You do not need any guidebook in Reykjavik Iceland. Let us emphasize: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY GUIDEBOOK IN REYKJAVIK!

What kind of stupid thing to say you might be thinking right now. But let us explain.

Reykjavik city is small. The major tourist area is smaller still and in one or two hours flat in central Reykjavik you can pretty much see 80 percent of all Reykjavik attractions. Indeed, this place is so small you might even meet the same people over and over during this two hour stroll. The rest of Reykjavik attractions, like Perlan sightseeing tower and Nautholsvik beach, are easily within reach by bus in about five minutes flat in horrible traffic during the worst winter storm ever.

Neither will you ever get lost in Reykjavik. That is simply not possible. At all times, everywhere, you can see the major landmarks like Hallgrimskirkja church tower or better yet the mountains circling the city. Neither are there any areas or neighborhoods in the city you´ll have to take special care to avoid. You can pretty much roam all the neighborhoods at any time of day or night without any hassle or problems.

Worst case scenario if your throat fills up with horror about not having a book to depend upon, you could always check into any of 30 or so tour offices in central Reykjavik and get a free map.

So live a little out of the box and save some money in the process. Skip the foreign guidebooks telling you about stuff some foreigner found here three years ago and some of which is outdated as hell. Ask a local about museums or restaurants or whatever else you need. That´s called up-to-date information!

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