Impressive stuff. Or is it?

Impressive stuff. Or is it?

One of the largest “tourism” sites about Iceland, Iceland Naturally, is a site run by ten some local corporations aiming for your tourist dollars. A place where you´ll not get anything but positive stuff about everything here. And it turns out its anything but natural.

It is easy hiring a PR-office to promote Iceland as the most marvelous tourist destination since the dawn of time when big bucks from big companies are paying for the whole thing. A large reason you´ll see such wonderful reviews on social media about the Blue lagoon, Icelandair, a vodka brand called Reyka and bottled water company called Glacial. Those guys even have a fancy office in a New York tower.

But not only do you get fancy reviews, you´ll also get pretty fancy and fanciful articles that often have little root in reality but simply aimed at selling you stuff.

We´re sorry but there is something obnoxious and unethical about a bunch of large companies gang-banging and offering tips under the guise of a travel website.

Today the site is celebrating a huge milestone. They have now got as many Facebook fans as the whole population of Iceland. Quite impressive on most scales and even us, cold sarcastic team Total Iceland, agreed on the impressive factor. Until we saw this:

Turns out Iceland Naturally is using unnatural means of collecting all those Facebook fans by paying a PR-firm to do their bidding. Oh, how easy life would be if every travel website could afford the same.

You´ve been warned. Icelanda Un-Naturally is hardly to be trusted for good, sound travel advice.