The beautiful Askja lake hides the destruction here when a huge eruption happened here in 1875. PIC Lev Glick

The beautiful Askja lake hides the destruction here when a huge eruption happened here in 1875. PIC Lev Glick

Living in a country positively bursting with energy the people of Iceland are routinely reminded to expect the unexpected. Which is why some people believe the tremors and rumblings beneath Vatnajokull glacier lately are but a suspenseful preview of dramatic things to come. 

The very latest scientific readings from the area in question around Dyngjujokull or Bardarbunga support the view of those believing there will be a real eruption soon. Just not under Vatnajokull glacier as has been likely these last couple of days. No, eruption is much more likely in the calderas of Askja.

Now, there´s yet another rather difficult area to pronounce. But pronouncing it will probably be the least of people´s worries if the earth in Askja rips open. Reason being, of the many eruptions in this land for centuries one of the most horrific was an eruption in Askja in the year 1875. So powerful it blanketed the Northeast and East of Iceland under thick layer of ash as well as areas in Norway and Sweden. Also, that particular eruption is blamed as a major reason Iceland lost a huge number of people. People that fled the hardship to greener pastures in America.

Now, it must also be said there have also been minor eruptions in Askja. At least four times in the last century the earth here ripped apart but in each case the eruption did not wreak any serious havoc.

But the latest readings from the scientific equipment in these parts clearly show that magma intrusion has moved a few kilometers North of Vatnajokull glacier. And can you guess what is a few kilometers North of the giant glacier? Indeed. Askja itself.

So, perhaps Mother Nature is just picking up from Hollywood and showing some trailers before the real show starts.

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