A fuzzy image from New Year´s Eve in Reykjavik. Some say this is the world´s grandest fireworks show but this really depends on the weather. PIC borkur.net

A part from high summer most visitors to Iceland show up over the New Year´s. Two reasons for this; people want to experience the Northern lights staged across the Icelandic sky but they also want to experience what is perhaps the greatest fireworks show in the world.

That is a big statement but very probably true. Sure enough you can witness very elaborate fireworks shows all over the world but nowhere else than Reykjavik city can you sit back and watch over 200 thousand people light up all at once.

Normally every Icelandic family sends between five and ten smaller and bigger fireworks to the sky in a 40 minute time period from 23:20 to 23.59. Some are stupid enough to keep on firing after midnight but the viking custom dictates that what you are doing is blowing away the old year. Fireworks into the New Year mean you are blowing that year away too.

Even if you place no stock in ancient customs the sheer amount of fireworks mean that from a decent post you can view almost continuous blanketing of the sky all over Reykjavik city and the neighboring towns.

Should the night be clear this sight is both stunning and unique and well worth any trip to Iceland. However, there is little guarantee of clear skies and the likelihood is pretty much 50/50 overall.

But one thing is certain: You will be cold and heavy dressing is compulsory should you want to watch the whole show uninterrupted. This is an island and some wind-chill must always be expected along with the usual freezing temperatures.

Worst case scenario: Stay in your cozy home and watch the fireworks show unfold online. The webcam link below is located in the exact center of Reykjavik city and it pans slowly over approximately half of the capital center. This way you can get a feel for what we are talking about and why you could do lots of stupider things than visit over this time of the year.

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