The ongoing Holuhraun rift volcano if pretty mighty and impressive but utterly harmless compared to a volcano in nearby Bardarbunga. PIC Global Panorama

The ongoing Holuhraun rift volcano is pretty mighty but utterly inconsequential compared to a volcano in nearby Bardarbunga. PIC Global Panorama

Scientists in Iceland are well aware of the potential force that could be unleashed if and when Bardarbunga volcano underneath Vatnajokull ice cap does blow. It will be quick, it will be massive and it will be devastating.

At least, that is the worst case scenario regarding a volcanic eruption at Bardarbunga these days. The rumblings underneath and pretty massive earthquakes on almost daily basis almost certainly mean that an eruption is imminent.

One specialist has made the prediction that any eruption in Bardarbunga will be an explosive one, not unlike the one in Mt.Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991. Which does not bode well if true. The explosion in Pinatubo was the largest terrestrial eruption of the last century and its effects felt worldwide. It is even being blamed for lowering the worldwide temperature to about half a degree Celsius. Which kinda proves an old viking saying about things never being so bad as not to bring some good.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]completely wreck such oasis as the Asbyrgi National Park[/blockquote]

What will likely not be so good however is the damage caused on this delicate land of ours. A mighty explosive volcano could release floods so massive as to change the landscape for miles and miles. Fill magnificent places like Jokulsa river canyon with mud and lava and completely wreck such oasis as the Asbyrgi National Park. Europe´s most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss waterfall, could change very much or even vanish as glacier waters seek alternative routes.

In short, it will make living in the Northeast of Iceland pretty damn difficult for years and years and most likely getting around the area afterwards could prove next to impossible as road networks and bridges would belong to history.

Then again, what nature wrecks she builds up again with time and as those that have visited the crater of Mt.Pinatubo lately can attest to the place is now nothing less than magnificent.

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