The sun shines bright on Reykjavik Pond. Temperatures in the Icelandic capital are far higher than official numbers indicate. This will continue. PIC A.Currell

It is official. The capital of Iceland is no longer cool. It is frigging sizzling!

Seems every goddamn summer brings more heat and more sunshine than the year before. If it goes on like this our neighbors in Greenland will have to import ice for their drinks.

Fun aside, the summer months in Iceland are getting pretty hot. This you cannot tell from looking at data for the average temperature this summer has “only” been 12,5 degrees Celcius in Reykjavik. Which seems cold even to a local.

But keep in mind temperatures are measured in shadows and on a windswept island this can be deceiving. For who amongst us dwells in the shadows when the sun is out? And the sun has shone on Reykjavik from May to July for a total of 840 hours.

Think about that figure for a minute. Should you be bad a math this means 24 hours sunlight for over a whole month.

What we are trying to say is that you can almost always add quite a lot of degrees to the official temperature in Reykjavik and in Iceland in total. Many a day has team Total Iceland along with thousands of foreigners soaked the sun in twenty plus degrees in downtown Reykjavik this summer.

And it will be the same next year 🙂

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