Skyr galore in a supermarket shelf. You can find this product in all supermarkets and most convenience stores everywhere in Iceland.

Two things most visitors to Iceland take home with them are memories of astounding natural beauty and a newfound taste for Skyr. This milky-almost-yogurt product is so addictive that even Hollywood stars cannot imagine life without it.

But what is it exactly?

Skyr is pretty much Icelandic yogurt except it isn´t yogurt. It is in pure form much thicker than yogurt but nowadays the age old recipe has been changed to better tempt the younger generation. Skyr, you see, has been a staple in Iceland for centuries and you can even find it mentioned in the famous Sagas of Iceland.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]locals usually load it with sugar, stir well and eat with cream[/blockquote]

The historic version was made with raw milk and should you happen to stay in farm accommodation on your travels here do ask if the owners are willing to make it that way. Many in country do know the recipe and some are very pleased if foreigners show such interest.

Today, skyr is made in machines and with pasteurized skimmed milk and is certainly tasty but it is not strictly speaking the traditional old one. It is also made in many flavors nowadays when the old recipe had but one; a very specific but tasty sour cream taste.

Skyr can be served in various ways but locals usually load it with sugar, stir well and eat with cream. It is also fantastic with freshly picked berries which is why sales of skyr rise when the berry season starts each year in August. Skyr smoothies are the latest fad and those can be found in delicacy stores.

Two local companies make skyr in Iceland. You can find all the types usually planted side by side in most supermarkets. Do taste it and do taste them all if you like it the first time. You will not regret it.

PS: Skyr is pretty much the all the energy drink you will need. Tremendously high in protein but only 0,5 percent fat. Although it must be said also that sugar content in most of those is way too high.

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