A friendly local smile but this could change soon.

A friendly local smile but this could change soon.

Folks preparing for a trip to Iceland the nest few weeks would be well advised to expect less than what they expect. Reason being massive strikes are being planned by local unions.

This includes folks working within the tourist industry in Iceland and while it is not known which parties will decide to strike it is better to prepare for the worst. It could mean a huge dent in your plans for the next few weeks. Tours might be cancelled, museums closed and a host of other activities limited.

Now, realistically this is not something to worry about too much. You will always be able to the things you want even if you will have to make your own arrangements.

But do not blame the folks too much if things don´t pan out 100 per cent. Wages in Iceland are horribly low and not least within the tourist sector where things are so bad many tourist operators hire foreigners since locals refuse to work for a pittance. Same for a host of hotels and museum staff. And it cannot be a surprise that you get much worse service if the folks serving you don´t earn enough to sustain their families.

Take care out there.

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