Typical day in rural Iceland in December. Dark, cold, snowy. PIC jacrot christoph

Typical day in rural Iceland in December. Dark, cold, snowy. PIC jacrot christoph

If Steinbeck found his winter of discontent the Icelanders have found theirs too. The 2014/2015 winter has been by most accounts one of the most horrific in memory.

It is true the weather conditions here have not been kind to either monsters or men. Even the Hidden Peoples here are complaining at this stage. Tranquil days this winter have been about as numerous as there are mountains named Everest. Other days made up of howling winds, raging blizzards or flood-like rains. Sometimes all at once.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]It is not that we don´t like you but exactly the opposite[/blockquote]

We have had around one thousand foreigners calling rescue services for help this winter. Team Land Rover got stuck with their newest 4x4s in snow right away at the airport and a number of tourists have had the paint on their rental cars stripped right off in one fiery storm. That´s just the tourists. Homes of locals have been hit too and the number of days when all flights are grounded due to weather have reached an all time high.

Now, the truth is that this winter has not really been too bad. It only feels that way for locals with low attention span and memory to match. Last few winters have been kind and thus many assume this to be a constant. But a look at records 20 or 30 years back reveal the winter to merely be in the top half of the worst winters.

Our readers are well aware we do not really like you to come over in wintertime. It is not that we don´t like you but exactly the opposite. It is because we want you to have the best experience we recommend skipping the winter. One key reason being the very unpredictable weather. Coming here is not cheap and in wintertime you are not gonna see much of our five star nature. Why also risk wasting a day or two stuck in the hotel because of a snowstorm. Even worse, stuck at the airport at arrival as has happened.

Infinitely more disappointing for those souls having booked tours and trips while over here beforehand. If you read the small print of contracts with 99% of tour operators it clearly states there are NO refunds for NO reason. Should weather put an end to a trip you´ll be the one taking the loss.

Way too much hassle if you ask us. Then again, you are not asking us.

Take care out there.

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