Most bars in Reykjavik close their doors between 04 and 05 after which there is nothing to do for the rest of the night. PIC DoctorWho

Unlike most other capitals of the world Reykjavik city in Iceland is way too small to find exciting things and shit happening twenty four seven. Be it Madrid, Beijing, Mexico City or Accra a tourist willing and able to jam into the night and then some will happen upon some cool things, legal or otherwise, to ease the passing of time. But not here.

In Reykjavik, after a nite of heavy drinking, you either leave with a local lady or a gentleman for a hot steamy night (not at all impossible) or you make do with all-night sunshine in summer or take time out to build a snowman in front of Parliament in deep winter. Worst case, spend time puking into the gutter.

Unless you know people here you will hardly get invited to an after-party and likely spend good drunken time in or around your hostel or hotel doing little of importance. Apart from a handful of fast food places there is nothing to do in Reykjavik after the bars close. There is no real nightclub here open until the wee hours and the city does not really wake up again until ten the next morning.True, there is some activity in squares downtown after hours over high summer but this is totally dependent on weather.

Thus you have a choice. In summer you can lay your lazy ass down on some nice spot, fall asleep and likely wake up very tanned since there is sunlight 24 hours. Or head to your hotel to sleep things off. In winter there is no sunlight and if you fall asleep the best thing you can hope for is a frostbite. Or head off to your hotel to sleep things off.

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