Quite stunning indeed. But there is something missing from this picture. PIC Bo Nielsen

Quite stunning indeed. But there is something missing from this picture. PIC Bo Nielsen

L ooking at pics and videos of the rather majestic Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland it is easy to fall head over heels. In fact, a massive numbers of you romantics out there imagine there is no better place to get married.

Think again.

Five to ten years ago getting married by Seljalandsfoss would have been a blast. The waterfall itself is quite stunning although the fall is often rather more impressive in beautiful pictures than in reality. The surroundings are just lovely and decent hotels and diners not too far away either. Certainly a day to remember.

So, why are we asking you to think again? Well, there is something real missing from most all those fancy photographs of the site. Hoards of people, trucks, buses and even a diner.

Because in the last five years mass tourism has boomed in the country and Seljalandsfoss is among the easiest natural sights to visit. Ergo; crowds of people are here and enjoying every single summer´s day.

That by itself is perhaps not too bad. After all, tourists on the whole are a nice and friendly bunch and might well just join the party and wish you well.

But add a few dozen rental cars, handful of superjeeps, handful of tour buses and even a small diner to the mix and the wedding ceremony might be a tiny bit awkward. Wedding would have to take place at pretty much the height of day, which as you know is also the very best time to visit for everyone else. As this is a free and open place one can´t really ask people to move aside or quiet down while you guys make your vows. Indeed, you would have to ask in a variety of languages too.

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