For almost a month now a new service has been offered on the streets of downtown Reykjavik Iceland. Visitors to Asia will know these well. Tuk tuks are now available to rent in Reykjavik.

It´s almost like a bad joke but a real one. The gold rush surrounding the increased popularity of Iceland as a destination does not let up.

Sure enough a trip in a tuk tuk in downtown Reykjavik would be a novelty and a photo opportunity for simpleton foreigners but the operator has forgotten that winds are common here on this island, it snows heavily in wintertime and it rains sideways. Last but not least there is nothing to see whilst driving in downtown Reykjavik. It is a faceless and small town best experienced on foot.

The tuk tuk can be hailed whilst walking in downtown Reykjavik. Team Total Iceland suggests you should use your feet and common sense and skip the opportunity.