An old lady makes an effort to get into a super-vehicle in Iceland. PIC Ron Hogan

An old lady makes an effort to get into a super-vehicle in Iceland. PIC Ron Hogan

It is no secret team Total Iceland does not like the so-called superjeeps of Iceland. These are plain old large 4×4 vehicles fitted with tires the size of Brazil to take susceptible tourists to places where no vehicle should venture.

As to why we do not like those monsters, it has to do with the double standard of offering a unique perspective to this great undisturbed land but at the same time ruining the same experience.

In high summer here you can suddenly come across a superjeep smack in the middle of nowhere in the highlands. Which might make someone excited but for us and all the folks visiting for the eerie emptiness of this same highland this ruins the experience. And make no mistake; monster trucks also leave their marks on this delicate land and pollute like there is no tomorrow. Which one day may actually be the case.

Be that as it may. What strikes us is how very welcoming those superjeep operators are… until you read the small print.

Seems even the very nicest superjeep operators think nothing of demanding full up-front payment months in advance and should you be so unlucky as to die, get horribly ill or otherwise miss your superjeep date, you´re money is out the window.

Here is one example of the small print:

We make NO exceptions to our cancellation policy for ANY reason, including personal or medical, weather or other forces of nature, acts of God, terrorism, civil unrest, strikes, international or internal flight cancellations or any other reasons beyond our control.

That is no way to treat a lady. Or a gentleman for that matter. This is a friggin´ half a day or day trip in a simple vehicle!!!  And prices for trips are exorbitant so you will lose quite a lot of dough.

But there is an upside to this you might not know about. There are so many companies competing on this market you would do well to make your reservation the day or night before. This is in most cases very possible and this eliminates the danger of seeing your money down the drain if something happens before you arrive.

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