When in Iceland do as the Icelanders

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For decades now the favorite way to spend summer vacation for the majority of locals in Iceland has been to spend it in a country cabin or an old secluded farmhouse. Team Total Iceland contends you should do the same.

We know it may sound absurd but a huge number of Icelanders own their own country cabin. A growing number is also proud owners of old farmhouses, many of which have been party or wholly rebuilt in the old style of things.

This sounds less weird when you consider that land here is not in short supply and although this has been changing it did not take any millionaires to buy land and build a nice cabin. Best thing a stay in such a place is infinitely more sexy and fun than crashing in yet another hotel bed. Memorable in other words.

Which is why team Total Iceland is proud to offer a few cabins/farmhouses for rent for shorter periods. Unlike large impersonal agencies that demand up front dough, minimum stay, insurance and charge a hefty fee on top we do not. We do things based on trust the old fashion way.

Cabins/farms are only available in summertime and only on specific dates. Contact us for further details with information about length of stay and which part of the country you are looking for. We will reply if we have a vacancy with photos and details.

Take note: in all cases you will need your own vehicle. In some cases we do also offer extra services if requested.

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