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PIC Samuel Fowler

B lood farms! Sounds like a title for a thrilling horror series on Netflix. Sadly, that´s not the case. Rather you´ll find blood farms strewn around a number of innocent-looking farms in South Iceland.

Few things in this world are as obnoxious as animal cruelty, which take many different forms in many different countries. All are absolutely disgusting from a species supposed to be wiser than all others.

In many places in Southern Iceland such cruelty takes place in so-called blood farms. That is where a private company pays horse farmers a little bit of money for bloodletting the animals on a very regular basis.

Nope, we´re not talking talking about a tiny prick of a needle for a second or two. Let us give you a number to contemplate: 600 tonnes of the blood of pregnant mares here are drawn through absolutely disgusting and super-painful tactics as can be seen from this video from the animal welfare group AWF.

Why would anyone need 600 tonnes of blood from vulnerable pregnant Icelandic mares?

Would you believe all that horrendous inflicted pain on the gentle horses is to make, and take note here, about 20 kilos of a special fertility hormone called PMSG.

What do folks use PMSG for?

A pregnant mare is struck across the face for not wanting into the “restraint box” where liters after liters are drawn. PIC AWF.

Well, let us turn to Wikipedia for a second:

Equine chorionic gonadotropin (acronym given as eCG but not to be confused with ECG) is a gonadotropic hormone produced in the chorion of pregnant mares. Previously referred to as pregnant mare’s serum gonadotropin (PMSG), the hormone is commonly used in concert with progestogen to induce ovulation in livestock prior to artificial insemination.

To translate: 600 tonnes of mare´s blood from Iceland is used to speed up birthrates. Mostly in pig farming in Europe.

Yup, seriously normal stuff and sadly, the shareholders of the local pharma-company behind this unpleasant bloodletting, Isteka, are making a fat killing from the pain of animals.

So, as to why we recommend skipping farm stays in the South is simply on account of reports that most of the places this horrendous activity is taking place on is farms in the South. As to information as to which farms exactly are responsible for this atrocity, that info is inaccessible.

Therefore, we  recommend punishing every farmer offering accommodation in the South by taking your business elsewhere. Perhaps, just perhaps, peer pressure will put an end to such cruelty.

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