If Icelandic tourist officials had any say tourist would be pouring in over the cold winter months from october to april. Incidentally these are the same months when you can get the very best flight offers to Iceland.

There are currently four airlines operating to and from Iceland on a yearly basis. Icelandair, Iceland Express, Wow Air and easyJet. Some others like Delta Airlines, Airberlin and Norwegian do so over summertime only.

All these regularly offer discounted flights to and from the country but for the very best prices you will need to come outside of main tourist season from May to September. Roughly prices will fall around ten or twenty percent for all the companies except easyJet.

On average Icelandair is the most expensive airlines but this is more because of tradition than better service or newer airplanes. Indeed, Wow Air, Iceland Express and easyJet all operate a newer fleet of planes than Icelandair.

Icelandair is the only airlines operating to and from the United States all year round although Delta Airlines service Iceland over the popular summertime.

Team Total Iceland recommends for Europeans to sign up to receive newsletters from Wow Air and Iceland Express since these once in awhile offer fair discounts to and from Iceland. These airlines service cities in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, England and Austria to mention a few.

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