Icelandic super-jeeps are mainly used to entertain tourists as they can drive over deep rivers and on glaciers and lava, But we do not recommend renting one by yourself. PIC Ignat Onego

Now, why would we so dislike an industry that is a major part of the booming Iceland tourism industry?

Lots of reasons actually. And for those not familiar with the super-jeeps; those are regular SUV´s that have been modified to use much larger tires than normal. This raised their height considerably.

From your perspective, the visitor to Iceland, these monster vehicles are expensive as hell to rent and expensive enough to ride in as a passenger. For a seat in one of those for a few hour tour expect to fork out between 30 and 40 thousand local kronas or approximately 250$ – 330$ / 185€ – 250€.

Secondly, unless you are really going on a glacier or way up into the highlands over raging rivers these monster trucks will not do anything for you except give you a very expensive view. The thrill of climbing aboard for the first time wears off as quickly as the money leaving your wallet.

From our perspective, and by this we mean the local Icelandic people, those monsters pollute like there is no tomorrow. Excellent way of fouling still more air for the people on this planet. And do not think the diesel fumes do not find their way into the fantastic local nature. The very same nature you came to see and enjoy. This is akin to a whale watching company hunting whales off-season.

Sadly, some of the companies offering super-jeep rides do make the occasional off-road excursion. Which is illegal in Iceland. Do let us know if you experience this on your travels. And what is the fun of paying huge amounts to sit in a super-jeep on regular roads? They are way slower and your time here limited.

We´ll repeat then; please do not use those monsters unless intending to drive on a glacier. Other uses of these machines are non-existent.

Did we mention expensive? A few of those companies offer you the chance to actually rent and drive your own super-jeep. Naturally, this must make monster-truck enthusiasts shriek with pleasure. But beware the price. The price mentioned earlier is for one person. Rent one and bring the whole family and your bank account will be 1100$ / 900€ emptier than before.

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