Farmstay with a twist in Iceland

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Pictures never really do Iceland justice but this one comes close. Farmstay by the Lagarfljot river will be memorable all your life. Guaranteed!

Pictures never really do Iceland justice but this one comes close. Farmstay by the Lagarfljot river will be memorable all your life. Guaranteed! PIC IceNineJon

When it comes to touring Iceland you have a vast array of choices to pick from. It seems every other individual here is offering car rental services and the other half is going all out selling you tours and trips and stays and everything else you might want or need.

Choices are fine but this frenzy for tourist dollars often comes at your expense. For so many are blatantly pushing their products that the very best things get crowded under. Which is why, for instance, tour buses stop at basic hot dog diner en-route instead of taking you to a very warm and nice country restaurant nearby. Why you will find great reviews online for a hotel next to an aluminum plant but the small and much more cozy cabin hotel not too far away gets not a mention. This is also why a basic one night stay in a basic country cottage is now costing upwards of a fancy downtown Reykjavik hotel suite in many places. The more it cost the higher the percentage the tour agency gets in reward.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]old-school Iceland with a dash of fun and games thrown in[/blockquote]

Since we like to do things different and send you home after your trip with a smile and not too empty a wallet we are now taking reservations for a country cottage like no other. A real, rustic and worn farm cottage. For we believe one should take more from a place than just a good nights sleep.

And no, we will not show you any pictures or blah, blah on about how fantastic it is. Talk is cheap and most ads and promotions are by marketers anyway and not real folks if you know what we mean.

What we will tell you is this:

[reveal title=”The Stay” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] Partly renovated old farmhouse with creaks galore. Site is very secluded and vast areas in all directions to explore at your will. Three rooms available with new and comfy beds. Shared bathroom/shower. The whole farm also available for larger groups. Breakfast possible if requested. Get in touch for prices and details.[/reveal] [reveal title=”The Twist” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] Unlike most we will actually offer you marvelous tours and experiences from site if requested. These include tours to the Kingdom of Hidden People, walking and hiking tours through magnificent areas, Lagarfljot river monster tours, nude in nature programs and cultural tours as well. We pride ourselves of being more flexible than a mime on steroids and we mean it. Name your fancy and we will try to accommodate if possible. Apart from tours away we also plan events on-site. Ghost story hike, Midnight-sun yoga, Highland lake swimming, Lagarfljot fishing and canoeing or kayaking and much else. All you have to focus on is relaxation. [/reveal] [reveal title=”The Rest” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] As should be evident by now this is not your basic, rigid farm-stay and nor would we want to offer our visitors anything of the sort. This is simply old-school Iceland with a dash of fun and games thrown in. We could accommodate larger groups of people if need be. Sleeping-bag room available as well as great spots for camping. All major credit cards accepted and discounts for cash payment. All guiding and events in English. Totaliceland@totaliceland.com for more info[/reveal] [divider_line type=”divider_line,divider_linetop,blank,clear”] [socialwrap align=”left”] [socialicon name=”fb” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”linkedin” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”twitter” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”google” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”rss” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”youtube” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”vimeo” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”pinterest” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”soundcloud” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”instagram” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”flickr” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”email” url=”” ][/socialicon] [/socialwrap]