Yeah, that mountain. PIC Tomi Knutiila

Yeah, that mountain. PIC Tomi Knutiila

Should you find yourself in or around Reykjavik city on Friday the 29th of May 2015 you could do a lot worse than head over to Esja mountain and start climbing.

A local mobile phone company is inviting all that can and will to listen to one of this country´s most popular artist on the top of the mountain in question. The artist in question is Asgeir Trausti which has been doing pretty good on the international scene lately (see video.)

Esja mountain is the big mountain visible to Northwest from Reykjavik city across the bay and getting there takes all of 30 minutes or so by bus. Problem is, if you care not to rent a whole helicopter to ferry you up to the top you will have to walk and to the top takes one to two hours depending on your fitness and speed. The upside is the concert is absolutely free and some stunning views can be had from this place.

Be at the root of the mountain no later than 1800 hours Friday. Asgeir Trausti will start at 20.30 and until then a local DJ will put some warmth into shivering bodies.

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