Rave in a cave. This place is the site of a late-night party in June.

Rave in a cave. This place is the site of a late-night party in June.

If late wild raves in unusual places are your kind of thing you should head right away to the website of the Secret Solstice music festival in Reykjavik and book a ticket to the amazing after party on offer. That´s one party you might not forget any time soon.

Now, we´re not gonna go into detail about the festival. You can catch up here. But the newly added after-party-rave has gotten our attention. Not because raves are such a thing but because where the rave takes place. It is literally rave in a cave. Glacier cave at that.

Langjokull glacier is found roughly two hours away from Reykjavik city and the glacier is the site of a man-made glacier cave just completed. And what better than to use the cave for some serious fun after hours. The party will start as soon as folks arrive from the festival which should finish late evening Saturday 20th of June.

A couple of DJ´s will turn the icy cave to a more comfy temperature, but only as long as you dance your socks off, and folks will even be allowed some drinks inside although those are limited to two per person. This has to do with security we are told which does not really make sense but that´s how it is.

Absolutely a fantastic way to keep on trucking after the concert in Reykjavik finishes but there are a couple of drawbacks. One is the time it takes to get to the cave. Three hours each way is a good guess which means the fun from the festival might be wearing off by the time you get here. Folks will also have to change from bus to snowmobile on the way which makes for a tiny bit of a hassle.

The other drawback, we think, is the price. Ticket price for the glacier cave party is 225$ / 205€ and that is on top on the price of admittance to the festival itself.

But hey, when in Rome…

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