Bird´s eye view over Reykjavik city Iceland. Quite wonderful views can also be had from the top of the Blue mountains. PIC around the world in unknown days

Bird´s eye view over Reykjavik city Iceland. Quite wonderful views can also be had from the top of the Blue mountains. Follow our guide and it will be without breaking a sweat. PIC around the world in unknown days

A lot of folks visiting Iceland carry pretty professional photographic equipment intent on capturing that Kodak moment once and for all.

Not an easy task and not at all if that moment includes Reykjavik city. You see, the lay of the pretty stretched-out city, which covers almost as much area as Paris, makes it hard to get a really complete picture unless taken from a plane like the picture above. This is particularly bad when there is such opportunity as over the New Years Eve when the whole city explodes in fireworks.

We have written about the best possible spots within the city to catch the nicest panorama possible as well as told you about the impressive views from mount Esja directly across the bay from Reykjavik. But there is a problem. It takes three hours to mount mount Esja, so to speak, for a relatively good and fit hiker. Breathless, sweaty and likely very cold from the winds on top a man bringing heavy cameras along will most likely have little will to painstakingly scout for best photo ops.

But there is another way, as long as you show up here sometime between January and March and cross your fingers.

Another mountain range close to Reykjavik is the Reykjanes mountain range which stretches along the whole Reykjanes peninsula. The part of that range closest to the city is Bláfjöll mountains or Blue mountains to you non-Icelandic speakers. Those mountains are very visible from a high ground in the city.

The trick is that the official ski area for Reykjavik is located in the Blue mountains. Admittedly, it is not much to look at and in skiing terms barely adequate but there are a few working ski lifts. If there is enough snow to open the ski area the lifts will be open. And those lifts will take you to the top in five minutes flat. And sometimes they are open very late at night if the weather holds.

Just pay for a single ride, take a seat and then stake out the best spots for grand pictures over Reykjavik city and surroundings.

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