The doctor making a killing. CEO of Blue Lagoon Grimur Saemundsen. PIC Saf

The doctor making a killing. CEO of Blue Lagoon Grimur Saemundsen. PIC Saf

If you are a decent human being here is one reason to avoid the famous Blue lagoon. Its director, makes 27 times what his lowest paid workers get in one month. 

Which is pretty much the difference between Ken Lay´s wage while in charge of Enron and his lowest paid workers and Grimur Saemundsen the CEO of the seventh wonder of the world according to Nat Geo, the Blue lagoon, and his lowest paid workers. The guy takes home seven million Iceland kronas each month for his efforts. This is just his monthly wage. The guy is also likely to have some stocks and bonds of which there is no official record. Last, but not least, he was also recently voted in as the CEO of the Iceland Tourism Organization.

Now, don´t get us wrong. Nothing wrong with a high salary per se. Some folks undoubtedly deserve high salaries by creating something unique and wanted in this world.

But that is certainly not the case with the Blue lagoon. The lagoon was there all along for years just 20 years ago. It was even free for all before some guys with good connections with the board of the energy company responsible for dumping that blue water into nature decided free was out of the question.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]If you needed a reason to skip the Blue lagoon[/blockquote]

So, they built some dressing huts for folks to be able to change clothes without changing in front of everybody. Little by little, the place grew in popularity and soon what was a free blue industrial waste water to soak in turned into the now world renowned Blue lagoon.

Lo and behold. Within months that favorite haunt of locals closed down and the closed and expensive Blue lagoon was born. Every year since then the price of admission has risen and risen and risen. Nowadays, you are not even allowed to take a look without forking out heavily.

So, how popular is the Blue lagoon really? Tremendously for you guys from abroad. But next time you take a dip make an effort to count the numbers of locals in the water. More often than not there are none at all. The Blue lagoon has been too expensive for majority of locals for years. Thanks to one of the highest paid individual in Iceland.

PS. Grimur Saemundsson worked as a doctor for many years before his „lucky“ star came around 😉

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