Kolgrafarfjordur in Iceland

Couple of killer whales chilling in Kolgrafarfjord in Iceland. PIC hugrelis1

How come in just two years a small and little known fjord in a remote place in Iceland has become all the rage? It has to do with a mystery. A mystery that is creating highly unusual activity in the sea.

You see, the small fjord of Kolgrafarfjordur is now filled with life never before seen in this place. Over 40 species of birds have descended upon the fjord along with rather more impressive seals, dolphins and killer whales as well. All these are after tons after tons of brighly silver colored herring.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]In a way a very sad thing[/blockquote]

What is going on is unclear but three years ago millions of herring suddenly started heading into the small fjord and dying en masse too. Many suspect this happened because of a new bridge spanning across the fjord making it easy to enter but hard to find the way out again. Which effectively makes the fjord a smorgasbord for larger animals. No need to hunt anymore. Just to open the mouth.

In a way a very sad thing as tons of herring simply die here every year for lack of oxygen in these waters besides those that become food for other animals. But it does allow folks to view with nice clarity and without seasickness killer whales and dolphins in action. And it is free too.

The most activity here has been in January, February and March these last three years and while there is no guarantee this will continue it is a nice thing to keep in mind while here.

Getting here is easy. From Reykjavik area a drive to this place will take between two and three hours. Follow signs to Grundarfjordur town.

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