Loads of magnificent glacier caves all over the place. PIC Alison Tomlin

Loads of magnificent glacier caves all over the place. PIC Alison Tomlin

S eems quite a lot of folks out there in the whole wide world believe not in the power of basic thinking. So we´re here to set the record straight once again.

A lot of people keep sending us inquiries about trips or tours to glacier caves in Iceland. Some even want specific tips how to find those and what to bring as climbing into a glacier is the most natural thing in the world. Others want to visit a specific glacier cave at a convenient time in their journey.

Wake up people!!!

We completely understand why you´re awed by the pictures of stunning caves of ice. Truth be told, pictures do not even come close to the feeling of actually standing in one. No selfie will do that real justice. Such experience is for the heart and heart only.

However, no one in their right mind goes all-commando into a glacier cave. That is tantamount to taking a morning swim in the Zambezi river disregarding any local advice about it being filled with crocodiles.

While a glacier is not a crocodile the comparison is just. The Zambezi seems calm and quiet and refreshing at noon when the heat is absolutely melting you. Ditto for glacier caves although the deal here is cold and not heat. A glacier cave is the epiphany of cool and what could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps you do not notice that large crack at the base of the opening. Perhaps you know nothing about the breaking point of ice or if that flow of water at the bottom is a low flow or a large flow. Lastly, you have not a clue about when a particular glacier is moving or at what time of the year such movements are likely.

Nope, do not consider any such visit on your own.

Which brings us to our last point. Team Total Iceland is astounded by the number of people thinking glacier caves are a constant feature. Simply something like a museum you can visit anytime.

Not at all! All those majestic glacier caves seen in pictures and videos of last year belong to history right about now and new caves sometimes take their place. But not necessarily at the same spot. As one cave falls or melts another one opens up. Perhaps at a similar spot or perhaps not at all in that particular glacier. It all depends on luck really.

Therefore, it is not possible to line up a visit to a specific natural glacier cave.