Little CNN publishes about Iceland is correct or interesting.

Little CNN publishes about Iceland is correct or interesting.

Boy, do we dislike CNN. This „famous“ media company keeps throwing out unbelievably misleading rubbish regarding Iceland and its people. That probably goes for most other countries too.

CNN is at it again. Publishing some utterly meaningless and untrue stories about Iceland. Now, it´s latest story about Reykjavik being among the „10 best cities for a winter vacation“ is making local media drool with excitement over such massive honor. Mind you, the median age of media people is as low as the water table in places in the Sahara.

So, why is Reykjavik getting such boost from a British freelance writer Tamara Hinson on behalf of CNN?

Well, for all the natural hot springs in Reykjavik it seems. Sure, no law against calling anything a „natural hot spring“ but the man-made pools in Nautholsvik beach area are far away from being natural hot springs. Neither are huge swimming pools found everywhere in Reykjavik and elsewhere „natural hot springs.“ If we use the term „natural hot spring“ with such humongous strokes as the writer of this article then one might also say that every time anyone here opens the hot water tap in his home he has made himself a „natural hot spring.“

What else? Ah, yes „The annual Winter Lights festival, which takes place in February, is a spectacular celebration of winter.“

We already covered that here. Blatant nonsense.

Anything else? Yeah, let us be really, really professional and while in Iceland doing a story on Iceland let´s only talk to two Americans that think the world of the swimming pools. Pulitzer prize stuff.

Then suddenly this: „Many cozy coffee houses sell rúgbrauð — locally made, dark, sweet bread.

It would give your readers more accurate picture if you just said Rye bread. It is a local rye bread. But it is very tasteful and only found in less than fancy coffee shops in Reykjavik and elsewhere.

Again, we suspect the article in question has not been written by anyone visiting Iceland at all. This corresponds with news that CNN has for some time let most, if not all, its foreign correspondents go and relies mostly on outside sources for stuff like this. In any case, this is not doing CNN any good and certainly not doing the readers any good either.

Pull yourself together CNN.