The glacial Lagarfljot river in the East of Iceland holds the most terrifying monster in the whole of the country. Here pictured bathed in the Northern lights. PIC Frida mín

Y ou do not have to go far in Iceland to hear about elves, trolls and many other strange creatures lurking about here and there. Indeed, it is something many locals are proud about and share their stories freely with whomever shows interest.

Probably you have heard about the elf stones scattered around the country and which even major roads have to avoid. Next time you start to wonder about a seemingly completely useless bend or turn on an Icelandic road look around for a moss-grown stone or a boulder standing nonsensically close by. This is likely an elf stone where the hidden people reside and make no harm unless you disturb their peace. Then all hell breaks lose.

However, if we have hundreds of thousands of well known creatures we have but one monster. The Lagarfljot river monster.

Say what you like about there being no such monsters and that no proof has even been produced. But unlike most other famous places where monsters have been spotted around the world the Lagarfljot river has never been studied extensively. In fact, the river has hardly been studied at all. Thus, no one can know what the emerald colored Lagarfljot river water holds.

The river itself is not only impossibly emerald for anyone to gaze into its depths but it is also 25 kilometers long winding its way down from Snaefell glacier mountain down to the sandy sea. Sometimes gently as a summer breeze and at certain places roughly like Mike Tyson on steroids.

Team Total Iceland runs a secluded country guesthouse by the shore of this beautiful river. It´s rustic but charming and an excellent base for hiking and the outdoors and naturally to search for the giant Lagarfljot river monster. Get in touch should you wish to know more.

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