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One truly awesome place on the lists of no one is Mjóifjordur with its majestic Klifbrekkufossa waterfall at its entrance. PIC

One truly awesome place on the list of no one is Mjóifjordur fjord with its majestic Klifbrekkufossar waterfall at its entrance. PIC

S eeing as approximately 95 percent of visitors to Iceland only stick to the true and tried popular spots in the country it goes without saying those tourists miss out a lot. Even if places like Jökulsárlon glacial lagoon, Gullfoss waterfall and the Blue lagoon certainly rank highly on every bucket list, there are lots more little known gems all over the place.

One such place is the remote Mjóifjörður fjord in the East of the country. A very narrow small fjord with the massive population of roughly 30 people year round.

True, not much happening here and those venturing hereabouts in wintertime might very possibly get stuck in for days and even weeks. Only one road to this fjord and for such a scarcely populated place there are not deep funds for keeping the road open.

But to us, that is exactly the attraction. It takes some trouble getting here but if you do, you´ll be rewarded with intense calm and peacefulness, very friendly locals and some quite fancy nature too. Hiking paths are found here that lead to the nearest fjords and are rather excellent for views into oblivion.

But fairest of all are the Klifbrekkufossar waterfalls. It is a series of small falls cascading from the highland moors above down to the deep fjord. Neither big nor massive but given the tranquil surroundings and most often total lack of people you might just have it all to yourself. And there is no denying the falls are mighty pretty.

Tours available: Team Total Iceland offers tours to this gem weekly over summertime. You can choose if to only spend time here or mix it together with other interesting spots in this part of Iceland. for details.