Anywhere else in the world a place such a Mjoifjordur in Iceland would probably be a national treasure. Remote, hard to get to, sparsely populated and thus nature takes first place. PIC _perSona_

The name says it all. Mjoifjordur fjord literally means narrow fjord and is most certainly a place you would do well to visit. But you can only do so easily in high summer.

Many things make this fjord more special than many others in Iceland. First off, it is extremely sparsely populated and at last count only about 30 people made their home here and some only over summertime. Which is not surprising since the direction of the fjord makes it one of the most pleasant fjords in the country weather-wise. Temperatures here are often higher than in neighboring fjords but it also means there is more snow. More snow means you will need a 4×4 to get anywhere here in wintertime and even in summertime the roads here are not very easy.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Nature has mostly had free reign here[/blockquote]

But it is certainly beautiful. Nature has mostly had free reign here and apart from a very few farmers, most of which are a experience to meet in person, nobody is around.

This does not mean there is nothing to see or experience. The whole fjord is fantastic for hiking, old shipwrecks can still be found on the shores here as seen in the above photo. On the way into the fjord you will come upon Klifbrekkufossa falls. These are rows of small but beautiful waterfalls your camera is gonna love. Also of special interest is Dalatangi, the easternmost point in the fjord. On the way there you will also witness an old Norwegian whaling station.

Amazingly there is service here at the Brekkuþorp village, the only cluster of houses here, where you can get limited amount of needed groceries, a small school and church should you feel so inclined. Also here a small pier and in summertime you can actually take boat trips to neighboring village of Neskaupsstadur in nearby fjord.

Take notice there is no accommodation available here. You will need a tent to spend time here. Which you should.

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